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Benefits of Preschool

1. Builds Social Skills
Preschool is an important stage in early childhood development as it focuses on developing their communication skills. By spending more time with their friends at school children develop better social skills as they learn how to interact with each other. In addition to that, they become emotionally mature and understands the importance of sharing as well as taking turns.
2. Improves Confidence and Builds Self-Esteem
Preschool can improve your child's confidence and self-esteem. Since your child learns how to interact with others in a classroom setting, the transition from preschool to kindergarten will be easier for them. Our preschool center provides a different experience because of our well-structured play based curriculum and some added Montessori materials.
3. Increases Concertation
Preschools typically strive to introduce a certain behavior or attitude into young learners so that they have better attention and concentration spans. By participating in different types of activities, your child will learn to indulge and concentrate well in a classroom environment that they will utilize years to come. Preschool sets the tone for how children will maneuver throughout life.
4. Better Cognitive Skills
Early childhood education is very important as it helps to kick start children's pattern to education. Statistics show that children who attend preschool do well at reading and math skills than those who enroll in kindergarten straightaway. Preschool prepares children socially, emotionally and academically for kindergarten. Attending preschool therefore has long term benefits for children to ensure that they are ready for a classroom environment.
5. Educational Foundation
Although it may seem like all fun and games , preschool is actually their foundation for education. Preschool is important because it helps kids become kindergarten ready. When a child attends preschool regularly, they obtain the skills necessary to be successful throughout their school years. Children gain a lot from going to preschool as they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes. But more importantly, they develop social and emotional skills and learn how to get along with other children, to share and to contribute.
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