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**Covid-19 policies are in place! All staff and children over 2 years old must wear face mask, temperatures are taken for all before entering the building and sent to wash hands. Parent entry is limited. All toys, furniture and learning materials are sanitized daily.  

About us
 Our mission is to provide group and individual learning activities in an high quality early care and educational setting while learning English and Spanish. We provide loving and professional services to children, families, and the community          
  *We offer flexible payment plans       and all child care subsidies are                       accepted

  • Toddler Component

        18 months - 2.9 years  


  • Preschool Component

         2.9 years - 4 years 


  • Transitional kindergarten 

         4-5 years

  • Before and After School care 5-6 years

  • Summer School Care

Benefits of  Preschool 

  • Builds Social Skills


  • Develop Confidence 

  • Increases Concentration

  • Better Cognitive Skills

  • Educational Foundation  

Contact Us
3500 El Portal Drive
El Sobrante, CA 94803

             **Space is limited**

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